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Dangerous substances that weaken the body's defenses


Dangerous substances that weaken the body's defenses

In today's world, unfortunately, many factors can affect the state of our health, including its protective mechanisms. Some of these factors may be invisible, but their impact on our health can be very serious. Substances that undermine the body's defenses are becoming the subject of increasing attention of scientists and doctors.

One such substance is nicotine, which is found in tobacco products such as cigarettes. Nicotine is known for its negative effect on the immune system, lowering the level of antibodies and increasing susceptibility to infectious diseases.

Another dangerous substance is mercury, which can be found in a variety of sources, including some types of fish and toxic waste from industrial production. A high concentration of mercury in the body can lead to disorders of the immune system and other serious health problems.

Additionally, a heavy metal such as lead is another substance that can undermine the body's defenses. Cases of lead poisoning are often associated with the deterioration of the functioning of the immune system, which makes a person more vulnerable to infections and diseases.

In general, avoiding contact with these dangerous substances is a key aspect of maintaining the health and strength of the body. Being aware of their potential effects and taking steps to reduce the risk of poisoning can help keep our bodies strong and resilient.

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