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Which eggs are more useful: chicken or quail


Which eggs are more useful: chicken or quail

Eggs are a valuable source of protein and other beneficial nutrients. There are many types of eggs in the world, but the most popular among consumers are chicken and quail. How are they different and which of them are more useful for human health? Let's figure it out.

Fat and calorie content

Quail eggs are characterized by higher fat content compared to chicken eggs. One quail egg contains approximately 2 g of fat, while a chicken egg contains only 5 g. Also, quail eggs are smaller than chicken eggs, so they have fewer calories. This can be an important factor for people who watch their figure or are on a diet.

Protein and vitamins

However, do not forget about the content of protein and vitamins. Chicken eggs contain more protein and vitamins such as vitamin B12 and selenium. These substances are very important for maintaining the health of the nervous system and improving immunity.


Quail eggs also have their advantages. They are rich in iron and phosphorus, which is good for blood and bones. These minerals help in maintaining energy and strengthening the body.

Other food

However, it is also important to consider other nutrition. Eggs are often consumed with other foods that can affect their beneficial properties. For example, chicken eggs may be less healthy if they are cooked in a high-fat way. It is also important to take into account the peculiarities of your own body and possible allergic reactions to one or another type of egg.

So, the choice between chicken and quail eggs depends on your needs and preferences. Both types have their advantages and can be useful in the diet. The main thing is to use them in moderate quantities and in combination with a varied and balanced diet.

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