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Doctors have warned about the symptoms of fatty liver disease


Doctors have warned about the symptoms of fatty liver disease

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), fatty liver disease (FAD) has become one of the most common liver diseases worldwide, affecting about 25% of the population. This problem, which was previously thought to be known mainly in developed countries, has now become a global health problem due to the spread of poor eating habits and an inactive lifestyle.

CHD is a chronic disease characterized by an increase in the content of fat in the liver by more than 5-10%. This disease can progress to liver cirrhosis or liver cancer, which puts patients at great risk to their health. One of the key features of CHD is the absence of specific symptoms in the initial stages, so the disease is often discovered accidentally during examination for other reasons.

However, some signals may indicate the possible development of fatty liver disease. These include red hands and feet, jaundice, weight gain, red or itchy skin, and an enlarged abdomen due to fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity. It is especially important to identify these symptoms in time, as delaying treatment can lead to serious complications.

To prevent the development of fatty liver disease, doctors advise paying attention to nutrition and activity. It is recommended to limit the consumption of foods that contain a lot of sugar and fat, replacing them with healthier alternatives. It is also important to lead an active lifestyle, including exercise and regular medical check-ups for early detection of possible liver health problems.

If symptoms of CHD are detected or suspected, it is important to consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Only a qualified medical professional can provide the necessary help and advice to support liver health. Protect your health, follow a healthy lifestyle and watch your diet to avoid the risk of fatty liver disease.

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