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Undyed energies: why folk omens advise against dyeing hair on certain days and colors


Undyed energies: why folk omens advise against dyeing hair on certain days and colors

In today's world, many women bravely experiment with changing their appearance by dyeing their hair, but is it really that simple? According to folk signs and superstitions, it is better to refrain from dyeing your hair.

  1. Energy influence

Let's start with the impact on energy. According to some beliefs, hair is an inseparable part of a person's energy field. By coloring your hair, you are making changes in your energy that can affect your life, whether it be positive or negative. Accurately predicting the consequences is not an easy task.

  1. Hair length

Hair length is also important. Many cultures believe in the power of long hair, which can hold energy and protect against external influences. Hair dye can lose this energy or, conversely, change its direction.

  1. Days of the week

The day of the week you choose to dye your hair can also determine its effect. Many consider Friday the worst day for this because of the unstable energy of this day, which can lead to negativity and conflicts.

  1. Colors and shades

As for colors, they are associated with magic and fate. It was believed that a change in hair color could lead to changes in life. For example, red hair is associated with love, and black hair is associated with mourning and life's difficulties.

Therefore, the choice of day, length and color of hair can be important not only for your appearance, but also for energy and events in your life. You should first weigh all the pros and cons before making sudden changes in your image.

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