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The magic of Christmas on your manicure: 7 ideas for an impressive design


The magic of Christmas on your manicure: 7 ideas for an impressive design

We all really want to feel the spirit of Christmas. One of the easiest ways is to do a manicure. Minimalist nude or Christmas stars will add new sensations to your mood.

  1. Emerald sophisticated style with snowflakes

For fans of laconic designs, the ideal solution will be a combination of a noble emerald shade and nude on the nails. Add a little glitter and a snowflake pattern, and your manicure with a Christmas mood is ready to impress!

  1. Sprigs of holly as a symbol of eternal life

Holly branches with glossy green leaves and red berries became not only the decoration of houses, but also a symbol of rebirth and eternal life. Draw this symbol on your nails, believing in its protection from evil forces and bringing positive energy.

  1. Christmas tree decor for always festive mood

If this year the Christmas tree does not reach your home, do not lose heart. The image of a green Christmas tree on the nails will create a festive atmosphere, especially on a pastel background.

  1. A garland of light on the nails

Do you want a miracle? Nude varnish and a garland on the nails is a perfect combination. Use fluorescent nail polish for glow-in-the-dark flashlights. The result will amaze you with its originality and brightness.

  1. "French" manicure with an individual touch

For connoisseurs of classic French manicure, we offer an experiment: add a tiny bow, a New Year's hat or a branch of holly. These elements can be arranged in a standard crescent shape, adding unexpected charms.

  1. Christmas mix for expressiveness

If it is difficult to choose a color or pattern, try a mix of different elements and colors on the nails that are harmoniously combined with each other.

  1. Manicure with candy

If you like dark nail polish, candies in the form of New Year's canes will come in handy. They should be mirrored to each other to form a heart shape.

Be bold and creative - it will undoubtedly leave you impressed with your own stylish design.

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