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Mechanical orange: orange manicure is winning hearts in the fashion world


Mechanical orange: orange manicure is winning hearts in the fashion world

One of the main trends of the autumn-winter 2023 season was the orange manicure. It is not just an ordinary shade of orange, but a little "burnt", which looks harmonious on any skin tone.

On the TikTok platform, a real sensation is unfolding around the hashtag #BurntOrangeNails. This "burnt orange" became a real hit, rising to the top of trends and gaining more than 120 million views. Autumn palettes usually include warm shades of red, malbec, berries and burgundy. But bright orange wins, especially when the leaves take on this hue. This is the perfect choice for those who are looking for something new after seeing all the standard fall manicure variations.

Daisy Kalnina, founder of The Gel Bottle Inc, identifies copper tones and "luxurious glossy orange" as the most popular this season. She singles out the new Ignite gel polish as a particular favorite, which perfectly reproduces the color of an autumn sunset. Also worth trying are other great polishes like Essie's Playing Koi, Decadence by Nailberry, and Dior's Vernis #849 Rouge Cinéma.

Not only in the field of fashion, but also in harmony with nature, orange manicure becomes an expression of individuality and warmth. Its popularity is growing, and the laconic color adds charm to the image.

The manicure industry in Ukraine does not remain aloof from this trend. Beauty salons invite their customers to try this fashionable style, offering various variations and designs so that everyone can find their own individual way to "mechanical orange".

Coverage of this trend in the media and social networks shows that orange manicure is not only a fashionable accent, but also an expression of personality, which has already won its place among the biggest trends of the season.

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