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Strength and beauty: experiences of women who have lost hair


Strength and beauty: experiences of women who have lost hair

Hair loss is a real disaster for many women. However, deep experience and strength of spirit are demonstrated by three women who lost their hair for various reasons: due to alopecia, as a result of cancer treatment and by their own choice.

For Alyona Shcherba, alopecia became a challenge that she accepted with great courage. She emphasizes that appearance is constantly changing, and hair should not interfere with living a full life. "Our body will go through changes, and it's important to accept this as a normal part of life," she assures. Alyona does not wear a wig, she does not like the feeling of someone else's strands and glue on her head. She dreams that the appearance of a bald woman is perceived as normal as the average blonde or brunette.

Valery Yuzviak shared her story, where hair loss was the result of difficult oncological treatment. Despite the physical and emotional challenges, she emphasizes the importance of community support and inner strength in overcoming adversity. She admits that she would hardly have dared to cut her hair, but she indulged herself with a new hairstyle, made it a conscious choice and enjoys the advantages that short hair gives: minimum maintenance, maximum effect. "I just want to wish girls who are experiencing hair loss not to give up: this is not a problem, but an everyday moment. The main thing is health and life"

The third character, Taisia Demyanova, chose to lose her hair for her own freedom of choice. She believes that true beauty lies in self-acceptance and confidence. "You can live without hair, and it shouldn't prevent you from feeling beautiful," she sums up. Taya admits that after the haircut, she felt incredibly light. Everything else - style, wardrobe, jewelry - remained unchanged. She said that she did not face any negative reaction to her appearance. Except that she is often confused with a boy.

These stories inspire the idea that true beauty lies not only in external features, but also in the strength of spirit and the ability to accept change. Hair may be a part of our identity, but losing it should not stop us from blossoming into all our inner beauty and wisdom.

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