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A new approach to using concealers for mature skin: tips and recommendations from makeup artists


A new approach to using concealers for mature skin: tips and recommendations from makeup artists

  1. Choosing a concealer for mature skin

Makeup artists note that choosing the right concealer plays an important role in achieving a flawless look for mature skin. Instead of dry options, such as powder, it is recommended to use liquid or moisturizing concealers, which will emphasize a young and radiant complexion and hide imperfections.

  1. Advantages of liquid and moisturizing concealers

Liquid and moisturizing concealers are a good choice for mature skin, as they effectively hide pigmentation and acne without drawing too much attention to wrinkles. Compared to dry or matte versions, which can make wrinkles more visible, liquid concealers give a more natural and youthful look.

  1. Application technique for an ideal result

It is important to apply the concealer in a thin layer and, if necessary, add a second layer, gradually increasing the intensity of the shade. Make-up artists emphasize that the correct application technique can significantly improve the appearance of the skin and hide imperfections.

  1. Using a primer for stability and even distribution

Experts recommend using a primer before applying the concealer, as it helps to distribute the cosmetic product evenly and ensures durability for a long time. Primed concealer can stay on mature skin for at least eight hours without needing to reapply.

  1. Avoiding a thick layer and using a beauty blender

It's important to avoid applying a very thick layer of concealer, as this can lead to breakouts throughout the day. For uniform shading, it is recommended to use a beauty blender — a porous cone-shaped sponge.

  1. Sponges and brushes: selection and correct use

In conclusion, make-up artists point out the importance of the correct choice and use of sponges and brushes. Spongy sponges allow you to tackle complex imperfections and provide even coverage, while incorrect use of brushes can leave tiny streaks. Using these tips, you can achieve the perfect makeup look for mature skin while maintaining its natural look and glow.

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