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Habits that contribute to premature aging of the lips: What to avoid after 30 years


Habits that contribute to premature aging of the lips: What to avoid after 30 years

Burning beautiful lips reflect not only youth, but also the general state of the body. However, many people face the problem of early aging of the lips, which may be related to bad habits such as smoking and improper care. In this article, we will consider the factors contributing to early aging of the lips and the influence of bad habits on this process.

1. Stop licking your lips: Dermato-cosmetologist Rosa Gerliani emphasizes that this habit contributes to skin peeling and the appearance of cracks, which can lead to premature aging of the lips after the age of 30.

2. Too much pressure when applying lipstick: According to the expert, using too much pressure when applying lipstick can damage the structure of the lips, making them more prone to aging.

3. Poor hygiene: Improper lip care, including lack of daily moisturizing, can lead to loss of natural moisture and youthful appearance.

4. Frequent use of harsh products: According to Gerliani, frequent use of harsh lip care products can cause irritation and increased dryness of the skin, contributing to premature aging.

5. Lack of sun protection: Lips that are not protected from ultraviolet radiation are more likely to lose collagen and elastin, which affects their youth and elasticity. Exceeding the amount of time spent in the sun without protection can cause premature aging of the lips due to damage to the collagen and elastin that support the skin's structure.

6. Poor nutrition: Lack of vitamins and nutrients can affect the health of the skin of the lips, making them less resistant to external factors. Moreover, an unhealthy diet can affect the condition of the lips. Lack of vitamins and antioxidants can weaken the skin's natural defenses and contribute to its aging. A healthy diet and drinking enough water can improve the condition of the lips.

7. Active use of alcohol and smoking: According to the expert, these bad habits can lead to impaired blood circulation, which negatively affects the health of the lips and leads to their aging. In addition, nicotine and other toxic substances contained in tobacco smoke lead to to the loss of moisture and elasticity of the skin of the lips. This can lead to the formation of wrinkles and loss of natural volume.

8. Stress and lack of sleep: Relaxation and healthy sleep are important for maintaining youthful lips, as stress and lack of sleep can exacerbate the hallmark signs of skin aging.

All these factors demonstrate how bad habits can negatively affect the youth and condition of the lips. Avoiding smoking, using lip care products, using sunscreen and eating a balanced diet are important to maintaining health and attractiveness.

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