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Marsego: elegant western taste in the new season


Marsego: elegant western taste in the new season

The Ukrainian brand Marsego impresses its fans with a new autumn-winter drop, which reflects a great Western aesthetic taste. Designer Maryna Morozova undertook the rethinking of the brand's bestsellers, brought her unique sophistication and showed that ordinary things can get a completely new look. In the new collection, Morozova focuses on outerwear, reflecting the importance of warmth, comfort and durability. The brand takes bombers to the next level by adding quilted jackets and peacoats made from eco-leather coat fabric.

First of all, the new collection impresses with a variety of elegant coats. Marsego has successfully combined a classic cut with modern details, creating a unique style for winter evenings and everyday use. Each element expresses warmth and style, which adds uniqueness to the image.

The second accent of the collection is quilted jackets, which have become a distinctive feature of Marsego. Marina Morozova successfully combined convenience and elegance in these models. The stylish design is combined with excellent thermal insulation, making these jackets an integral part of the wardrobe for the cold season.

No less impressive in the new collection are peacoats, which are distinguished by non-standard colors and shapes. Marsego continues to maintain its reputation as a unique brand that is not afraid to experiment with style, creating sophisticated looks for bold personalities.

The real achievement of the designer is not only the new look of ordinary things, but also their functionality. Each element of the Marsego collection impresses with the quality of materials and careful work on details. This is not just a fashion choice, but an investment in quality and style.

Thanks to its new collection, the Marsego brand continues to win the hearts of fashion connoisseurs, offering them not only an elegant, but also a unique look at fashion for the cold seasons.

Betting on a free-cut coat, the designer created an eternal element of the wardrobe.

Every detail in Maryna Morozova's collection is built on the principles of sustainability and responsibility. It not only creates a fashionable look, but also encourages thinking about how we consume fashion and how we can do it more consciously.

Thanks to her talent, Marina Morozova not only adds new faces to fashion; she rewrites its rules. Her collection is a step towards the future, where style is combined with durability, and elegance with responsibility.

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