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Danger of electric hair styling devices: Study shows increase in burns among children


Danger of electric hair styling devices: Study shows increase in burns among children

A recent study conducted by experts at Tripler Army Medical Center in the US has revealed a worrying trend regarding the safety of electric hair styling devices such as curling irons and curling irons. The results of this study indicate an increase in the number of burns, particularly among the youngest children.

According to research data covering the period from 2013 to 2022, there was an increase in burns from these hair styling devices. In total, during this time, 30,839 cases of burns were registered, of which 1,050 led to emergency hospitalization.

Among all hair styling devices, curlers and curling irons stand out as particularly dangerous. These two types of devices accounted for 97.4% of all reported burns. The popularity of using heating devices to create hairstyles among children is increasing, but parents should be especially careful. A significant number of children get burned by using these devices without excessive supervision. In particular, the hot surfaces of curling irons and straighteners can cause serious burns that require immediate treatment.

It is especially important to remember safety when children use heating devices for hair on their own. Parents and caregivers should explain safety rules to them, which include the use of heat protection products and careful handling of devices. Children should also be reminded that heating devices are not toys.

Turning to statistics, it should be noted that among the victims of these burns, more than 60% are children aged 1 to 5 years. These statistics point to the need for increased safety measures and controls regarding the use of electric hair styling tools around children.

In order to prevent such accidents and burns among children, parents and guardians should be especially careful and consider the risks associated with the use of these devices. Also, manufacturers should place more importance on safety and provide appropriate information regarding the use of their products.

Awareness of the risks and taking the necessary measures will help reduce the number of burns among the smallest members of society and ensure their safety when using electric hair styling devices.

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