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Rising heat-related mortality: a challenge for health and adaptation strategies


Rising heat-related mortality: a challenge for health and adaptation strategies

Heat-related deaths could quadruple by the middle of this century, according to a recent study. Large-scale analyzes show that last year, people witnessed approximately 86 days of dangerously high temperatures, posing a serious challenge to global health. An international panel of experts has announced that if temperatures rise 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels, annual heat-related deaths are expected to increase by 370% by mid-century, even compared to current levels.

One of the main reasons for this alarming increase in mortality is global warming, which leads to extreme temperatures in different parts of the planet. In particular, regions that were traditionally not at risk of heat are now becoming more vulnerable to its negative effects.

Only last year, with a slight warming of 1.1°C, people spent about 86 days in an environment with temperatures that pose a threat to health. These alarming statistics indicate the need for immediate action to combat global warming and its consequences.

People over the age of 65 are especially vulnerable, and they become victims of a sharp rise in temperature. Their ability to adapt to extreme conditions is limited, which makes them particularly susceptible to the negative effects of heat.

Scientists call for the urgent development and implementation of adaptation strategies to protect the population from extreme temperatures. This includes developing infrastructure aimed at reducing heat exposure and supporting public health.

In addition, an important aspect is public awareness of the risks associated with rising temperatures and the adoption of appropriate measures for self-protection. Education campaigns and information activities can help to understand how to avoid and mitigate the effects of extreme heat.

Given that human health is at risk, it is also important to turn to effective environmental strategies. Preserving natural ecosystems and reducing emissions of harmful substances may be critical to curbing global warming and its impact on heat-related deaths.

The report identified the need for joint efforts by citizens, scientists and government officials to combat the growing risk of heat-related deaths. Only an integrated approach can provide sustainable and effective protection against the dangers posed by climate change.

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